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2012 RI NOW PAC Endorsed Candidates for General Assembly – Primary


Edith Ajello, District 1 Providence

Chris Blazjewski, District 2 Providence

Maria Cimini, District 7 Providence

Libby Kimzey, District 8 Providence

Grace Diaz, District 11

Joseph Almeida, District 12

Art Handy, District 18

David Bennett, District 20

Frank Ferri, District 22

Scott Guthrie, District 28

Teresa Tanzi, District 34

Donna Walsh, District 36

Larry Valencia, District 39

Stuart Gitlow, District 49

Augustus Uht, District 52

Linda Finn, District 72


Gayle Goldin, District 3

Maura Kelly, District 5

Lewis Pryeor, District 24

Gene Dyszlewski, District 26

Josh Miller, District 28

Laura Pisaturo, District 29

Catherine Cool Rumsey, District 34

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