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General Assembly Endorsements for 2012 – General Election November 6

Our Purpose: The purpose of the RI NOW Political Action Committee is to elect progressive women and other feminist candidates to state and local office in Rhode Island.

Our Goals: Our goals are to raise money, issue endorsements to progressive women and other feminist candidates in statewide and local elections, and mobilize voters to support candidates.

Our Process: The RI NOW PAC employs a rigorous set of criteria in its’ endorsement process. Endorsement in a particular race goes to the strongest feminist candidates. While the RI NOW PAC seeks to bring more women into public office, it will not support a woman over a man when he is the better candidate on our issues. When all other criteria are equal, the RI NOW PAC will support a woman candidate over a man. Candidates must be feminist leaders and strong supporters of women’s rights issues including:

  • Reproductive freedom
  • Economic equality
  • Ending violence against women
  • Civil rights for all; emphasis on lesbian rights and racial justice
  • Affirmative action; ensuring equal opportunities for women and people of color
  • Moving women out of poverty through empowering, non-punitive welfare policies
  • Constitutional equality

Become a PAC supporter: It’s a great way to support the PAC’s work and elect feminist candidates. There are many ways to become a PAC supporter. Whether you make a donation to the PAC or a PAC-endorsed candidate, sign up to volunteer on campaigns, or simply want to receive PAC email alerts, we have a way for you to get involved!

Become a PAC member: PAC members are people who vote on candidate endorsements and other key decisions. Being a PAC member requires a significant time commitment during the PAC season. PAC members commit to: reading questionnaires for each and every candidate who returns one, attending and participating in interviews with candidates who are invited to speak to the PAC, volunteering on endorsed campaigns and assisting with other PAC work as needed.

Candidates can download our candidate questionnaire here: RI NOW Candidate Questionnaire 2012.doc. Please save the document with your name as the file name before emailing it to If you have any trouble downloading or opening this file, please email PAC Chair Carolyn Mark, at and she will email you the file directly. This file is also available as a pdf if you wish to print it and fill it out by hand: RI NOW Candidate Questionnaire 2012.pdf.

For more information about volunteering, becoming a PAC member, signing up for email alerts and other ways to get involved with the RI NOW PAC, email PAC chair, Carolyn Mark, at

You can view our 2012 endorsements for General Assembly here.

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